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About us

Illustrious is Aimed at Creating Specially Designed Canvas Art Pieces to change the aesthetics of your space, Making your Office or Home More vibrant

Growing up, we've always felt the need for exquisite Canvas Art of our choice to put up on our walls to inspire us Each Morning. But all we could find were old Monotonous Pieces which let alone inspire, instead added a dull aesthetic to our surroundings. 

So we decided to solve this problem once and for all!

Putting together an experienced team of Digital Artists and Creative Minds, Illustrious was Born.

Illustrious is a direct to consumer art brand, that focuses primarily on providing art pieces that are exquisite in terms of design and quality.
We aim in providing our customers an art piece that matches their personality while adding life to their living space or office.
Our collections are curated specifically to intrigue and rise a conversation when seen and not just ignored.

Hence, not only have we Created a new Segment in the Indian art Market of "Inspirational Canvas Art", but with Various Categories Listed here at our store the "THIRST" for something different on your Living/Workspace walls have been attended to.

Our art pieces are also intended to make art cool again for the "GEN Y" and "X", which seems to have been lost in the course of time.  

So come join our exquisite community of 2000+ happy Customers and Let's Live Art! 

Illustrious HQ: Bangalore, India.